Stumps don’t just remind us of trees we fell years ago, they can be dangerous too. From harbouring pests to disfiguring the landscape, there are various excellent reasons to remove tree stumps.  Whether for safety, health or aesthetic purposes, it is essential to hire a reliable tree company in London you can trust.

Our Services

Treehab offers quick, safe and professional stump removal and stump grinding services in London. We have the required expertise to make stumps disappear entirely. You can also opt to have them reduced to a few levels below the ground.

Stump removal involves the use of hand tools or stump grinders to entirely remove or grind stumps below ground level. After the removal, the grindings can fill up the resulting hole. Alternatively, we can take away the grindings and replace with soil.

Why Choose Treehab?

Latest Technique: We employ the latest technique to ensure a clean and hassle-free process. We can perform a clean stump removal service near wall and foundation without causing any structural damage to your building.

State-of-the-art Equipment: Even where there’s restricted access, our machinery comes in different sizes. Hence, we can get to the stump. No matter the stump size – big or small – we’ll remove it.

Quick Services: We offer fast services; hence, we can be at your door immediately you contact us. Wherever you are, we’ll be there with our personnel and equipment, ready to get to work.

Do you require a stump removal service? Then request a free no-obligation quote and we’ll get back to you. Our services are very affordable and at unbeatable prices too. Contact us now for more discussion.