Stumps can be dangerous, with some harbouring pests and disfiguring the landscape, there are various reasons to remove tree stumps.  Whether for health and safety or aesthetic purposes, it is essential to hire a reliable tree company that you can trust.

Our Services

Treehab offers a quick, safe and professional stump removal and stump grinding services. We have the required expertise to remove stumps entirely or reduce to a few levels below ground. 

Stump removal involves the use of hand tools or stump grinders to entirely remove or grind stumps below ground level. After removal, the wood chippings can be used to fill the hole left. Alternatively, we can take away the grindings and replace with soil.

Why Choose Treehab?

Latest Technique

We can perform a clean stump removal service near wall and foundation without causing any structural damage to your building, using the most up to date techniques. 

State of the art Equipment

We have machinery of all sizes to accommodate properties with restricted access.

A Prompt & Reliable Service

We offer a prompt and reliable service, covering London and surrounding areas.

Do you require a stump removal service? Then request a free no-obligation quote and we’ll get back to you. Our services are very affordable and at unbeatable prices too. Contact us now for more discussion.