Despite their natural beauty and providing shade, there are various reasons why a tree needs to be felled.  A diseased tree that can infect others; one leaning dangerously to power cables, or you simply want more light and air to darker sections of your garden and home.

Trees must be felled safely and in the right direction, which requires adequate planning and should be carried out by qualified professionals. The Treehab team consists of skilled tree surgeons that hold City & Guilds NPTC certificates in various techniques of tree felling.

Sectional Felling

Sectional tree felling is the dismantling of a tree piece by piece at zero risk to nearby properties. This type of felling is usually used in urban areas where there are valued properties or obstacles nearby. This requires a lot of experience, expertise and the use of specialised equipment, which our team are trained to use.

Clear Felling

Also known as straight felling, clear felling is the cutting of a tree from the base without climbing it. It requires enough space and is usually used in a forest. Although, it is perfectly safe in residential areas, much care has to be taken.

Our tree surgeons are adept at falling trees in any kind of environment. We carry out a thorough site and risk assessment and then develop a plan to ensure that only best method and technique is adopted. The tree debris is also taken away, leaving the site clean and safe.

Do you have any tree felling project in London? Contact us and let’s discuss. We’ll be glad to hear from you.